Veterinary Specific Glucometer

This reliable and accurate blood glucose monitor has been developed especially for dogs, cats and horses in order to produce a correct result using 3 different code chips .

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WellionVet Gluco Calea – For safety and accuracy


Safety and accuracy – these requirements are met by the innovative WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter.


The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA has been developed especially for dogs, cats and horses. In order to produce a correct result, 3 different code chips come with the test strips and can easily be replaced (color coding). Furthermore an eject button facilitates every day´s life with the blood glucose meter.

The easy handling of the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA meter disburdens life  with a diabetic pet. An additional benefit is provided by perfect  legible digits on the back-lit display.


The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA test strips can easily be removed by means of an eject button.


Four individually settable alarms remind times for blood glucose testing on a regular base, so diabetes therapy will turn out to be a daily routine in your pet's life.


Successful diabetes management is achieved through compliance with your pet's treatment plan, blood glucose monitoring and follow-up consultations with your veterinarian. Average results in the meter memory of the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA provide important information for further therapy of your pet.


The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter makes life easier for you and your pet.

Diabetes differs from one animal species to the other. For that reason it is important to recognize symptoms at an early stage and discuss the findings with the veterinarian. If there is an indication for diabetes, further medical checks should be performed. The earlier diabetes is detected the earlier short- and long term complications of diabetes can be prevented.


Regular blood glucose checks are the base of a successful therapy of diabetes. Blood sugar tests should be performed under familiar conditions in a home-setting which is part of a holistic care.


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Serum proteins:0-12g/dl

Urine -s-g.l: 1.000-1.040


Serum proteins:0.2g/dl

Urine -s-g.l:0.002


Serum proteins:±0.2g/dl

Urine: s-g.l: ±0.002

Weight: 0.25kg

Package: plastic box

Material: brass


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