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Portable Suction Pump 18L


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Portable Suction Pump 18L


The Liberty 7E-A Portable Suction Unit, is a new design, oil-free lubrication pump and based on extensive experience and development trends from domestic and overseas products.


The Liberty 7E-A Suction Pump is specially designed for extracting thick liquid such as blood, phlegm, etc. Not only can this unit be used as an aspirator in the operating room or emergency room, but also as a health care product for the home.


  • Portable, compact small size
  • Light-weight, easy to carry
  • High negative pressure
  • High flow
  • Oil-free lubrication pump
  • Square negative pressure dial
  • Built-in bottle cavity
  • Low noise


Voltage:AC 220/240V 50HZ

Power:≤90 VA


Pumping Rate:≥18 Litres/Minute

Reservoir Volume:1000 mL, 1 Piece

Noise:≤65 Db (A)

Canister:1 Litre

NOTE: The canister and lid supplied with the unit are not autoclavable. They must be washed in sterilisation solution. These are really afforable and so is the yankauer and tubing.


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